Read My Hips - Tribal Fusion Bellydance in Chicago


Comprehensive resource for American Tribal Bellydance costuming, music, books, videos, and accessories. Their catalogue also features Tribal Basics Vol. 1-6, the ultimate collection of American Tribal instructional videos,  created by Carolena and FCBD.

Flying Skirts
Excellent selection of imaginative and always high quality Tribal dancewear from Gwen Heckeroth, costumer for FatChanceBellydance.

Wendy Balisle
Great resource for beautiful tribal bellydance costuming, including some super fabulous skirts!

Velvet Peacock
Beautiful custom tribal dancewear from Hawaii

The Red Camel
Great source for textiles, jewelry and awesome DIY supplies

Excellent place to buy patterns for bellydance and authentic folkloric costuming

Nice selection of fire toys, Isis wings and more!

Desert Dancer
Another great resource for custom costuming pieces

Tribal Souk
Great selection of costuming, jewelry and accessories.

Shimmy Shimmy
Lots of variety and reasonable prices...a fun place to shop.

Gypsy Rain
A resource in Australia for ATS costume items. Very nice handmade belts.

Mandala Tribal
Wonderful resource for Tribal-style costuming ... official costumer of Gypsy Caravan!

Tribal Source
Beautiful and very unique handmade costume items for the modern Tribal dancer

Kim Sakkara
Nice resource for foundation costume items and practicewear.

Excellent selection of costume items for the Tribal dancer ... really nice workmanship on their custom made items. You'll love their pantaloons!

Gypsy de Rose Bellydance
Beautiful handcrafted silk veils and costume items

Lena Lamoray
The most stylin' arm warmers ever at bargain prices ... we love these!

Wide selection of jewelry and embroidery/mirrored textiles.

This catalogue even has gypsy/fusion dancewear for children! Some very unique costume items here ... always worth checking back often.

Akai Silks
Vendor of beautiful, top quality handcrafted silk veils and bellydance costume items.
L.Rose Designs
Wonderful selection of costumes and accessories, and great collection of silk hand-dyed veils.

Tribal Bazaar
Nice selection of tribal-style costuming from India and Afghanistan

Shimmybliss Costuming Co
One of our favorite ebay sellers ... great prices on beautiful tribal bellydance costume items.

Saroyan Mastercrafts
Resource for zills extraordinaire!

Unicorn Bellydance Supplies
This vendor offers general costume items, zills, videos and dance props--including some nice swords!

Beautiful custom Tribal dance costume elements, including hand-dyed fringe and some very innovative headdress items!

Melodia Designs
Custom made Urbal Tribal style jazz pants by Melodia.

Belly Dance Shoppe
Excellent and comprehensive resource for costuming, music, videos, and other dance accessories.

Coin Belts by Susie
Custom coin belts, bras and accessories

Great resource for Afghani jewelry, tribal textiles and DIY supplies

Blume Bauer
Fun selection of bellydance workout/practice attire includes jazz pants and tops that say "Read My Hips" on them!

Dark Eye Design
Beautiful and unique handmade tribal belts

Belly Nut Tribal Wear
Tribal bellydance costume resource in the U.K. offers beautiful custom designs

The Goddess Garden
Beautiful selection of costume items and accessories for Tribal-style bellydance

Urban Turban
Unique halter tops, pants, jewelry, yarn fringe belts, and hair accessories

Anaya Tribal
Custom and authentic costume items from this Arizona dance troupe

Enlightened Bras by Janet Hanson
LOL ... check these out!

Serena's Circle
Bellydance costuming, unitards and practicewear

Angel DMort
Costuming for tribal bellyance and Rennaisance Faires

Gypsy Closet
Some really nice ethnic and custom made pieces from the Heavy Hips tribal bellydance troupe

Tribal in the City
Handmade costume items for tribal bellydance, and custom made hoops by Nurah

Belly Dancing Video & DVD, Belly Dance Video Clips, Bellydance Music

Tribal closthing and jewelry shop
Not a shopping site, but a great resource for reference info about tribal style dancing, Includes some excellent DIY costuming instructions.

Desert Lotus Tribal
Beautiful custom tribal apparel and more ... you can also check out Desert Lotus wares at their ebay store

Huge selection of tribal bellydance costuming items at very affordable prices.

Bellydance Costuming
...and lots more from!

Online Dance Skirts
Nice selection of quality professional skirts

Tribal bellydance costuming from Mark Selner of Read My Hips




Awalim - Georgia

Anaya Tribal - Arizona

Ashar - Wisconsin

Alchemy - Georgia

Anjum - Wisconsin

Aisha - Nevada

Beladi Tribe - Texas

Black Sheep Bellydance - California

Blue Cat Tribe - Illinois

Blue Lotus Tribe - Wisconsin, Illinois

Chandra Devi - Wisconsin

Circus Tribal Bellydance - Oregon

Children of Paradise - Oregon

Danielle Meijer - Illinois

Desert Sin - California *

Devyani - Louisiana

Desert Flowers - Arizona

Domba - Arizona

Erica Peacock - Decatur, IL (BlackSheepBellydance certified instructor_

Farfesha - New Mexico

FatChanceBellyDance - California

Gypsy Caravan - Oregon

Gypsy Fire - Oklahoma

Gypsy Fire - Oregon

Gypsy Red Tribe - Alabama

Gypsy Trail - Australia

Hahbi Ru - California

Hands of Kali - Washington

Heavy Hips - California

Hiplash - California

In Your Dreams - Nebraska

InFusion Tribal Bellydance - Seattle

Kajira Djoumahna - Hawaii

Karen Dahlia - Oregon

MAGI Dance Company - Florida

Maya - Netherlands

Midriff Crisis - Arizona

Mosaic - New Mexico

Natya Hara - California

Natium World Dance - California

Nerine Avital - Connecticut

Nurah - Illinois

Narah bint Durr - West Virginia

Nesimah - Germany

Nomadic Tribal Dance Co. - New Orleans

Nuyum - Puerto Rico

Philadelphia Tribal Bellydance - Pennsylvania

Purple Roses of Cairo/Shadia - Oklahoma

Rachel Brice - California

Raqs Halim - Washington

Read My Hips in Brazil! - South America *

Romka - Washington DC

Sahnobar Dance Ensemble - Florida

Sacred Triba Bellydance - Australia

San Jose Tribal Dance - California

Shadows of the Fire - North Carolina

Shaia Tribe - Washington

Shaide Tribal Dance Company - Brazil

Sooz - California

Subee Djinn, California

Tanjora - California

Tempest - California

Tribaltique - Colorado

Typsy Gypsys - Texas

Tribe-Ulations - United Kingdom

Troupe Hipnotica - Washington

Tribe Odyssey - Virginia

Tribal Memphis - Tennessee

Tribal Heart - Florida *

Troupe Taleeba - Indiana

Turbans, Tassels and Tattoos - Australia

Ultra Gypsy - San Francisco, CA

United We Dance - California

Unmata - California

The Uzume - Netherlands

Urban Tribal Dance Co. - San Diego, CA (director Heather Stants was a founding member of Read My Hips!) *

* Asterisk indicates troupes which include former members of Read My Hips :-)

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