2005 Photo Scrapbook

Barbara at Hafla by the Lake - Photo by Bridget Cicenia

Esther, Barbara and Golie backstage at House of Blues with Andreas of Yerba Buena - Oct. 2005



Golie a at Old Town Fest
Photo by Irving Birkner

Beth at Arkadash- July 2005


Esther performs a floorwork solo to the music of Bassnectar at
Pava Productions' Spirit of the Dance Festival


RMH performs "Snakecharmer" at
Bellydance on Bourbon Street - Oct. 2005
(Photo Above: Debra Adamson)
(Two Photos Below: Bennett Snyder)




Read My Hips performs the "Snakecharmer" choreography
at Pava's Spirit of the Dance Festival

RMH performing "Snakecharmer" at Pava's Spirit of the Dance Festival

Steph, Beth and Barbara at Olson Advertising's
"Rockin' the Casbah" - Dec. 2005

Beth at Calo Ristorante - March 2005

Barbara and Golie at Calo - March 2005


Golie and Esther at Arkadash

Bridget and Golie at Arkadash - July 2005

Teresa and Bridget at Eight:18- September 2005 (Pic by Kardas Photography)

Teresa strikes a pose at a Chicago Cultural Center party. The sculptor portrayed a famous character for the audience while creating s a statue posed for by Beth and Teresa at different times during the evening.


Barbara and Steph at Arkadash - April 2005

Teresa and Golie at Arkadash - April 2005